Sango - Otre Vez EP

Otra Vez

Otra Vez is the second of Michigan based producer Sango’s explorations into the Latin American soundscape. With his previous tape Da Rocinha having a focus on the Brazilian sound and the musical genre Baile Funk that has taken up residence there, Otra Vez proves to be a much broader exploration of sounds from a multiplicity of latin cultures. Sonically the tape is a solid representation of artistry and creativity; where one breaks down an already functioning medium only to reconstruct it from their perspective. This artistry is bolstered by the distinct mixture of snappy Trap and House stylistics with the sonic influence of  vibrant genres like Bachata, Reggaeton, Salsa, Cumbia, Samba, and Tribal-Guarachero (some of which we haven’t even heard) and the result is a tape who’s architecture functions both at a musical and cultural level. It’s not just a superb listen, it’s an embodiment of a diverse human experience that is vital to art as a functioning social mechanism.

Atu - ♥​(​V)

While a minimal title like "♥(V)" may seem to suggest a production filled with ambiguity, the smooth aesthetic of this bonus track from the project of the same name by Michigan’s αtμ (Atu) is anything but. Following in the album’s rework footsteps you can spot vocal chops, ranging from a few different octave’s, at the beats core along with a beautifully rendered bass music elements. We’d definitely suggest grabbing this silky project in it’s entirety here.

Staycen x Koen - Never Too Late EP

Never Too Late

Never Too Late is the result of a beautiful collaborative effort between songstress Staycen and Holland producer Koen. As an Autumn release should, it rides a beautiful spectrum of melancholic and reminiscent emotions that give it a distinct warmth. That coupled with the unbridled soulfulness, resulting at the intersection of their skills, allows an ambient exploration of the self and it’s interiority.

Ryan Evans - Broken Axioms

Broken Axioms is the debut LP from Philadelphia artist Ryan Evans. From start to finish Evans shows his characteristic skill of creating atmospheric washes to mold ambient soundscapes. Whether it be the soulful rumbles of his opening track "Demigod" (which uses an amusing, but wholly relevant 2 Chainz quote at it’s opening) or the drowsy, Gregorian-esque drift of "Disguise", this LP is nothing short of an engrossing venture into the power of the ambient sound. 

Yume - Just Us


"Just Us" is a dense, emotional downpour from 17 year old producer Yume. The track starts with an ethereal intro that establishes a beautiful aesthetic, bolstered by the sudden burst of sun glazed synth, echoing vocal chops, and crisp drums. At times the dense layers will pitter out into the open space the intro established, only for it to bloom again with shimmering production to it’s conclusion.

Swing Delux - Triple Water EP

Jelly Fish

As an EP Triple Water is a beautiful mixture of ambient textures and electronic percussion from London’s Swing Delux. While only consisting of four tracks, it’s brevity is countered by the unique atmosphere and lengthy nature of each (most tracks are around 5-6 minutes). As the title suggest, the tapes aquatic element is prevalent in the architecture of each song, mainly through the use of ambient synth that gurgle in the tracks floating undertone. It’s a listen built to induce a deep drift; one that encloses both the mind and body in waves of ambient sound.