Close The Distance by Go Radio 🎵

Last song for tonight is this beautiful, beautiful song from Go Radio. I remember now why I wanted to start a music blog... It was because of beautifully written songs like this one.

I found hope In the back of a closet Written by a child's hand On pieces of parchment Yellowed and old I've never seen That kind of belief

I sat to read A story of kindness Where even just one kiss Can change how we read this Can help us get lost In a pattern so ageless It conquers the cost

When did we all resolve to growing up means stand aside Where did the heroes go 'cause tonight we breathe to stand and fight

We will run Until we all can feel the sun Until we all can bleed as one Until we all collapse We'll always live to close the distance Run Like it's time that's chasing us Like you will never find enough Like you forgot the words “give up” And live to close the distance ♪ ♫ ♪