Gotta Let Go by Hollywood Undead 🎵

And yet another good track from Hollywood Undead.

Sometimes it's hidden, wish that I could see A future picture of an older me Would he be smiling and would he be happy? Would he say a thousand words while looking right at me? Is he different or the same old me? Is he still chasing after these same old dreams? I know that I'll never reach perfection At least he could point me in the right direction Some grow old, and some grow cold They'd sell their souls for a heart of gold God only knows where the hell would I be If I had the old me sitting beside me

I just wanna life that seems a little better than a dream But I just can't seem to get on my feet So I gotta let go, gotta let go, gotta let go I'll hope someday that you will know You gotta let go, gotta let go, gotta let go I hope someday you'll understand ♪ ♫ ♪