I'm Sick by Sixx:A.M. 🎵

This is a perfect example, in my opinion of course, of what a modern rock song should sound like. There's no hardcore screaming to distract from the beauty of the song. Just clean guitar riffs, uptempo drums and great vocals. This song starts out kinda slow, but once the chorus kicks, it just takes off. And that instrumental with the guitars, pure aural bliss especially with a great sounding headphone. One of my favorite tracks from Sixx:A.M.

I, I bit down on my tongue to see if I could feel To see if I've been missing anything And I, I crystallized my lungs to show you they were real And waited for a sign that never came

If I'm not breathing, resuscitate my soul

Bring on the shame, bring on the pain Yeah, I know that I'm sick, give me some more I say yeah, we are the ill and the deranged Yeah, I know that I'm sick, give me some more ♪ ♫ ♪


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