In My Room by Thousand Foot Krutch 🎵

Beautiful song from Thousand Foot Krutch. Love the lyrics on this one. I only heard this song today. What a great find!

They say You're always there, You never leave Even when we don't believe And that sounds like love to me I know I couldn't do the same

And they said that You can see my heart Then You already know I'm falling apart That's why I hide here in the dark So no one has to see my pain

I've never prayed so can we just talk? Don't wanna put You on the spot, But can You bring the keys to my heart And help me find a way.

They make me feel so empty Their words they cut like knives You tell me to forgive them But I'm not sure I'll survive

I'm not sure this is a good time Or even if You're home It's a long long way from Your throne

But can You meet me in my room A place where I feel safe Don't have to run away And I can just be me Can You meet me in my room A place where I feel strong A place where I belong And I can call my own

Won't You meet me, meet me in my room Where there's no one else allowed but You I've been waiting for so long to meet You I'll be waiting... ♪ ♫ ♪