Popular Monster by Falling In Reverse 🎵

There's some deep, really deep soul searching going on in this track. And with that comes some really explicit lyrics. However, just try to imagine the hell the song writer is going through, to be able to write a song like this one. It is full of honest and raw self-reflection. And at times, almost like a cry for help. I wish him nothing but peace.

I think I'm going nowhere like a rat trapped in a maze Every wall that I knock down is just a wall that I replace I'm in a race against myself I try to keep a steady pace How the fuck will I escape if I never close my case? Oh my God, I keep on stressin', every second that I waste Is another second sooner to a blessing I won't take But my therapist will tell me that I'm going through a stage Yeah, it's not a fucking stage, I just wanna feel okay, okay Motherfucker, now you got my attention I need to change a couple things 'cause something is missin' And what if I were to lie, tell you everything is fine? Every single fucking day I get closer to the grave I am terrified, I fell asleep at the wheel again Crashed my car just to feel again It obliterates me, disintegrates me, annihilates me

'Cause I'm about to break down, searching for a way out I'm a liar, I'm a cheater, I'm a non-believer I'm a popular, popular monster I break down, falling into love now with falling apart I'm a popular, popular fucking monster ♪ ♫ ♪