Love this track. I believe this is what they call “spoken word” music? This, coming from a country turned metal rock star. I love the defiance and self-belief emanating from this song.

Somebody wrote, “Quit” on a napkin I took it out of my tip jar, laughin' Like, “Damn, what a asshole, man” I'm just a flat broke boy with a guitar askin' For anybody to pay attention It's not like anybody paid admission I was just wishin' somebody would listen Give me a shot, and I ain't talkin' 'bout Canadian Mist then ... So before you choose hate, get to know a guy He might end up a poet that was born to fly He might end up a man of the people Damn what a scene, a redneck glorified With a stack of awards on a napkin A bored little bastard wrote to try to warn a guy Maybe I'm just petty 'cause they're just metal Wait, then again, so am I...