Sleepless by The Strive 🎵

Last song for today is another really, really good find. It is a beautiful, heartfelt, but really sad song. This hits me right in the chest...

Quoted the lyrics for the whole song, because there is a story being told here in musical form, that needs to be appreciated.

Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl She was absolutely perfect in an imperfect world Forever's a promise, it's more than just a word They meant it to each other, of that they were sure

He came home to her crying at the top of the stairs He asked, “baby what's the matter?” as he pushed back her hair She said honey I'm sick, what the hell did I do? And with hate in his heart he screamed at the moon

Please don't take her away from me She truly is everything that I have left As selfish as it may seem, I need you here with me

Day after day, he stood by her side, while “Sleepless in Seattle” played through his mind Forever seems longer when you've got your whole life, but forever is forgotten where the end draws the line She said “honey just listen, listen to me, we should be together in a boat on the sea” He held back his tears, and spoke quietly, “When I picture forever, it's you here with me”

Please don't take her away from me, she truly is everything, that I have left As selfish as it may seem, I need you here And please just let her go painlessly Let her drift on in her dreams Just don't make her feel a thing Just try to get some sleep, this angel deserves her wings

As leaves fell from the trees, she became a memory to a man who lost everything Forever doesn't mean anything Just a promise that we keep But there's hope for you and me

She looked to the sky and with one final breath, she said “take this heart from out of my chest” “Carry it far with the love you possess” “I'm sorry my boy, but I tried my best”


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