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It's been awhile since I've done one of these. So let's get back to it. This month's featured song is “Ebb & Flow by Heartist”. It's a really good rock song with some pretty good vocals on the chorus.

#FeaturedSong #Heartist

This month's featured song is “Torn (Cover) by Hands Like Houses. A really good rock cover of Natalie Imbruglia's hit from the 90s.

#FeaturedSong #HandsLikeHouses

This month's featured song is “Millenia” by Crown The Empire. This is almost like a rock ballad instead of a metalcore track, which is what Crown The Empire is, a metalcore band. Either way a pretty good song.

#FeaturedSong #CrownTheEmpire

Woah it's been awhile since I updated the featured song on this site. So, here's a new one: “Loser” by Falling In Reverse. It's a great introduction to the band. And a more mature sounding track as well. This is in my opinion, one of their best songs ever.

#FeaturedSong #FallingInReverse

The featured song for the month of May is “Ever After” by Marianas Trench.

There's a lot going on in this song that it is a little hard to describe it. If I had to name words, I would say rock, emo, cinematic, epic. You really ought to listen to this song in full. This song touches upon a number of the tracks you will run into when listening to the album. And about that album...

The album tells a story from start to finish. They even structured it in a way where there's no pause between tracks. If you are a fan of pop rock, pop punk, maybe emo pop, I think you'll find a lot to like in this album.

Overall, a great song and a really good album. Below is a preview to the album in case you are interested in hearing it.

#FeaturedSong #MarianasTrench

A bit late for this month's featured song, but that was because I took a break in between. Anyway, the featured song for April 2021 is “Tongue Tied” by Faber Drive. This is a really catchy pop rock track that is a joy to listen to.

#FeaturedSong #FaberDrive

Featured song for March 2021 is “Solace” by Ignite The Fire. This is another really good rock song from their Between Shadow and Solace album.

#FeaturedSong #IgniteTheFire

Featured song for February 2021 is the acoustic version of Ricochet by Starset. This is a beautiful, more mellow version of the already really good original.

#FeaturedSong #Starset

First featured song for 2021 is Save Rock and Roll by Fall Out Boy and Elton John. This is an awesome collaboration between an emo, pop punk band and a music icon. Anyone who's ever plugged-in an instrument to play music, or any fan of rock music will appreciate this one.

#FeaturedSong #FallOutBoy #EltonJohn

This month's featured song is Echoes by Ignite The Fire. If you like songs from Breaking Benjamin, then you might like this one too.