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Easily one of Go Radio's best songs!

And you be the reason I'll be the rhyme We've both got way too much ahead to worry 'bout what we've left behind So you keep the beat We'll stay on time And fill the pages with just how both our worlds collide When I'm left in your eyes ♪ ♫ ♪


Another beautiful song from Go Radio with some wonderful lyrics.

I take a step into the rain To make sure I can feel again The way it hits my skin feels like a tear And I would love to be the song you sing To everyone for everything Just tell me when this melody gets clear ... So let's get carried away Not lose ourselves in the fight Let's show the world we were right That we can make it through And I may be leading the way But you will always be my light And I will always love you ♪ ♫ ♪


Another awesome new find! Jason Lancaster is back with new tracks and I'm once again reminded what a really good lyricist he is. If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out songs from #GoRadio.

Also, I immediately thought, well this sounds like a throwback to his Mayday Parade days. Then I find out that the vocalist of Via Fiori is Jake Bundrick, who sings and plays the drums for Mayday Parade. And it all makes sense now. Either way, an awesome new track!

Turn and felt your hand Take a hold of my heart And then I felt your water flowing out in the dark Then she laughed a little lyric on it Said I love you like you didn't know it (Never felt this way before)

She said don't love me cause I'm kind of a mess I said, I'm just surprised, I haven't scared you off yet You seek your reverie line that I've thrown so I guess I think that you're what I've been waiting for ♪ ♫ ♪

#JasonLancaster #ViaFiori

Three days to go before we celebrate the day that the Savior is born. Getting into the Christmas spirit with this awesome rock cover of “O Holy Night” by Go Radio. I get so much frisson listening to this outstanding rock cover.


Last song for tonight is this beautiful, beautiful song from Go Radio. I remember now why I wanted to start a music blog... It was because of beautifully written songs like this one.

I found hope In the back of a closet Written by a child's hand On pieces of parchment Yellowed and old I've never seen That kind of belief

I sat to read A story of kindness Where even just one kiss Can change how we read this Can help us get lost In a pattern so ageless It conquers the cost

When did we all resolve to growing up means stand aside Where did the heroes go 'cause tonight we breathe to stand and fight

We will run Until we all can feel the sun Until we all can bleed as one Until we all collapse We'll always live to close the distance Run Like it's time that's chasing us Like you will never find enough Like you forgot the words “give up” And live to close the distance ♪ ♫ ♪


Beautiful lyrics in this song...

And I still remember every word That I ever wrote about you, girl They came like air to me In my head I played out everything Just tell me it's not time to let go

So tell me Tell me what your eyes see When they stare right through me Can they see my heart beat Tell me why the rain can't wash away the blame Can't take away the pain to make you see again Cause all I wanna be is anything

And your friends, they talk a lot I hear just how you're doing and it's sad There's still a memory of us laughing And it sits inside your head You try to make believe you never were in love with me I'll drink your eyes away And try to hide the way my own stay red And I wanna be whole, I wanna be anything We live and learn and let go


Cause I've been trying way too long To try and be the perfect song When our hearts are heavy burdens We shouldn't have to bear alone

So goodnight you and goodnight moon When you're all that I think about All that I dream about How'd I ever breathe without A goodnight kiss from goodnight you The kind of hope they all talk about The kind of feelings we sing about Sit in our bedroom and read aloud Like a passage from goodnight moon ♪ ♫ ♪