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Starting off Wednesday with this great track from Hollywood Undead.

It's times like this I feel I'm on the pavement It's like my heart's so numb Then I grab that book and turn the pages And see how far I've come

And just sing, sing like there's nobody watching Sing, sing like there's nobody watching Sing, sing like there's nobody listening Sing, sing like there's nobody listening Sing ♪ ♫ ♪


And yet another good track from Hollywood Undead.

Sometimes it's hidden, wish that I could see A future picture of an older me Would he be smiling and would he be happy? Would he say a thousand words while looking right at me? Is he different or the same old me? Is he still chasing after these same old dreams? I know that I'll never reach perfection At least he could point me in the right direction Some grow old, and some grow cold They'd sell their souls for a heart of gold God only knows where the hell would I be If I had the old me sitting beside me

I just wanna life that seems a little better than a dream But I just can't seem to get on my feet So I gotta let go, gotta let go, gotta let go I'll hope someday that you will know You gotta let go, gotta let go, gotta let go I hope someday you'll understand ♪ ♫ ♪


Love this track. Great combination of rap and rock. The lyrics are almost poetic and are fun to sing along.

This is exactly what has to be done, it happened so gradually It's like I magically happened to be this phantom that candidly Lets this dagger cut jaggedly While you're gasping so rapidly While you gag on this rag, I feed you while laughing so happily It's okay to get startled and be afraid of the dark I'll just wait here to swallow your soul and tear you apart And I've already started, there ain't no saving your heart This is the day of the dead, this ain't no day in the park Here I come, here I come, grab your guns and crossbows And run, better run from the skull and crossbones The fun has begun, yeah, it's hard to swallow and when I'm done, I ain't done, 'cause it's hell that follows Now get ready for sorrow, 'Cause it's hell that follows

Hold on, Holy Ghost Go on, hold me close Better run, here we come It's the day of the dead Hold on, Holy Ghost So long to the ones you know Better run, here we come It's the day of the dead ♪ ♫ ♪


Last song for today is this really good track from Hollywood Undead.

How long can I keep pretending to be? That all the stars in the sky could mean something to me. Heaven'll open up if I live on my knees. A man of many words, but a man of few deeds.

Walking these streets, so absent of hope. A pillow of concrete, a man with no home. Lend him a hand, then we're walking the way. Leave the virtue of pity, but we live with the shame.

So scared to dream in a world with no sunlight. When you wake up, you know it's darker than last night. Quickly we forget, sacrifice gone by. Born to walk away, been walking my whole life.

Where'd you go? Where's your home? How'd you end up all alone? Can you hear me now? There's no light, there's no sound. Hard to breathe, when you're underground. Can you hear me now? Hear me now ♪ ♫ ♪


Listen up, hear me out I'm the one who's searching now Hold your hope, don't hold it down You once were lost, but now you're found What I wouldn't give to see, the grace inside of you and me I know it's gonna be alright, the world is worth the fight

The light will find us even if it blinds us Our time defines us, nothing can divide us If we sing... ♪ ♫ ♪