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I seem to be on a k-pop binge lately and I blame the show Our Beloved Summer. Such a good show with a beautiful soundtrack. Here is another really good track from the show's OST.

#KimNaYoung #OurBelovedSummerOST

Currently addicted to this romantic comedy kdrama on Netflix: Our Beloved Summer. What a beautiful show with a wonderful soundtrack. This song played a couple of minutes into the pilot episode and I was hooked. I knew then I would finish the show no matter what.

So, I'll tell you A million tiny things that You have never known It all gets tangled up inside And I'll tell you A million little reasons I'm falling for your eyes I just want to be where you are

It's such a strange thing to do Sometimes I don't understand you But it always brings me back To where you are ♪ ♫ ♪

#V #OurBelovedSummerOST