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I can see the time I've wasted And my life is passing by It's so hard to keep on living Tryin' to keep this dream alive Try to tell myself it's worth it But the words never come out 'Cause I wanna find the truth so tell me now

Where do I begin I was lost at the edge of dying in a world so cold Where do I begin Now I'm alive I can see I'm ready to be on my own One more step to take Before it's too late I just wanna reach the end

So where do I begin Where do I begin ♪ ♫ ♪


Yesterday was another life Turning left didn't turn out right Stuck in hell when I was twenty-five You can't regret what you don't decide

I should have stayed, should have let go Should've, could've means you'll never know

There's no going back When life's a loaded gun, you pull the trigger, trigger There's no going back The past is in the past Thank God it doesn't last forever ♪ ♫ ♪