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Another really good song from Sixx:A.M.

Laughing like we're crazy Nothing mattered Nothing fazed me We were younger then So much younger then Everything seems rotten through The eyes of the forgotten And we were dumber then So much dumber then

Well have I judged a book by how its bound Am I lost or am I found And are you with me?

Are you with me now Come back from the dead You've been inside your head for too long Are you with me now Find the places that scare you Come on I dare you Are you with me β™ͺ β™« β™ͺ


The social commentary in this song is deep and was unexpected. The songwriter is reflecting on how, more often than not, we unconsciously just close our eyes to the marginalized people in our society. β€œIs this the best that we can do?”, he asks. Hopefully, we can do better than this.

And we sit in our high-rise apartments and complain about things that don't matter And we race through this life just to see who can die with as much as we can gather And a few blocks away a teenage mother plays Russian Roulette with her daughter Is this the best that we can do, is this the best that we can do

Oh my God, this is insane How'd it get like this, or has it always been this way Oh my God, I'm so ashamed When we close our eyes to make this go away


This is a perfect example, in my opinion of course, of what a modern rock song should sound like. There's no hardcore screaming to distract from the beauty of the song. Just clean guitar riffs, uptempo drums and great vocals. This song starts out kinda slow, but once the chorus kicks, it just takes off. And that instrumental with the guitars, pure aural bliss especially with a great sounding headphone. One of my favorite tracks from Sixx:A.M.

I, I bit down on my tongue to see if I could feel To see if I've been missing anything And I, I crystallized my lungs to show you they were real And waited for a sign that never came

If I'm not breathing, resuscitate my soul

Bring on the shame, bring on the pain Yeah, I know that I'm sick, give me some more I say yeah, we are the ill and the deranged Yeah, I know that I'm sick, give me some more β™ͺ β™« β™ͺ


A beautiful alternate version of β€œMaybe It's Time” by Sixx:A.M. In case you're wondering, here is the original.

All the scars, all the lines On my face they show the times I've abandoned my own life I can't breathe, I can't eat So I just drink myself to sleep And embrace this morbid pride

But maybe it's time to heal, maybe it's time to try Maybe it's time to deal with all the pieces in my life Maybe I'll sober up, maybe before I die Maybe I'll finally deal with all the wreckage in my life β™ͺ β™« β™ͺ

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One last good song before I drive home. Yes, I'm working at the office this week.

Also, just wanted to say, listening to this song using Version 3 of my equalizer settings for my Bose Soundsport Wired earhpones, is aural bliss. I can hear the drums clearly, like I was standing in front of the drummer when he does his drum rolls.


A modern take on the original. That said, the guitar instrumental in this track sounds like something straight up from the 80s. Like something from Joe Satriani. Beautiful.

You can't quit until you try You can't live until you die You can't learn to tell the truth Until you learn to lie

You can't breathe until you choke You gotta laugh when you're the joke There's nothing like a funeral to make you feel alive

Just open your eyes Just open your eyes And see that life is beautiful Will you swear on your life That no one will cry at my funeral?


Another song with a rocking intro.