The Leaves Will Change by Take Cover šŸŽµ

Beautiful song from Take Cover.

You wrapped your fingers up in mine. I remember sitting by your side, while we waiting on your porch for your friends to join us for a drink or two. And our laughter filled the air, everyone we cared about was there. So I thought what better time to share this feeling and I turned to you and said.

ā€œI don't think I'm ready for the leaves to change, cuz I met you in the summer so please don't blow away. When the wind picks up and it's colder everyday.ā€ Oh, little do you know...

Because you're all mine, You've got me dreaming a future with your beautiful eyes, I'd do whatever they told me to. I won't waste time when it comes to you, because no one makes me feel like you do. You make it easy girl. ā™Ŗ ā™« ā™Ŗ


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