Bad Things by I Prevail 🎵

A pretty good and deep song from I Prevail. Lots of pretty good songs coming out in 2022.

I know you hate to see it, but you never wanna talk about it And hate yourself a little more when you can't live without it It's like praying for rain when you're already drowning, you're already drowning, yeah

So go ahead and twist the knife, I can't feel the damage Always searching for the high, never kicked the habit It's like praying for rain, but I'm already drowning

I keep staring at the sun, it's in my blood I'm headed for disaster Burn bridges just for fun, have I gone numb? It's a goddamn shame I push away the people that I love the most Addicted to the feeling and the chemicals I'm holding onto hope, but it only destroys me 'Cause I'm in love with bad things