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Pretty good song from The Maine!

You are the violence in my veins You are the war inside my brain You are my glitter and my gloom I am so numb without you β™ͺ β™« β™ͺ


Wonderful song from Colton Dixon!

If I get down, You pick me up from the ground You give me love that don't give out Giving no conditions, You lift me up and up again Now, no matter who surrounds I'll let my hallelujah get loud like a freight train Sunshine all day, I'll lift You up and up again β™ͺ β™« β™ͺ


A collaboration between Boys Like Girls, a pop rock pop punk band, and TWICE, a super popular K-Pop girl group, is something I never saw coming! But damn this song is so good.

Oh, I've been caught under the spot, spot, spotlight I wanna cave in to the dark side calling to me The ending's obvious, I know it's not right I can't stop me, can't stop me (no, woah-woah, hey) You pull me over to the red, red, red line I can't escape it, you're my weakness and you're my vice In the shadows, you're the only highlight I can't stop me, can't stop me (no, woah-woah) β™ͺ β™« β™ͺ


Back with another good one from ONE OK ROCK!

In this empty bed Where I'm all alone I've been such a mess Need a one way ticket Anywhere you are Is where I want to go You are my address I don't care how I get it I need a one way ticket Home β™ͺ β™« β™ͺ


Super catchy tune and if you're not paying attention, you might think this was a happy song, but it's the other way around.

I'm walking through the valley of lies I see a coffin, perfect fit for my size They won't open, got silky stitch in my eye I'm hurting and I lost my heart in the sky

On, and on, and on (And on) Keep fighting, Armageddon Now things are getting rough I never thought you'd be a lesson Go, you go, you go How come I never see ya? I'm really getting close to giving up I hate the feeling


I actually never heard the original and thought this was an original track from Archetypes Collide. It's only when I searched for the lyrics that I learned that this was a Sam Smith song. Pretty amazing rock cover!

But every time you hurt me, the less that I cry And every time you leave me, the quicker these tears dry And every time you walk out, the less I love you Baby, we don't stand a chance, it's sad, but it's true

I'm way too good at goodbyes (I'm way too good at goodbyes) I'm way too good at goodbyes (I'm way too good at goodbyes) β™ͺ β™« β™ͺ


This song came out more than 20 years ago now, so I'll consider it a #ThrowbackThursday track. Back to 2002 with The Used!

So here I am, it's in my hands And I'll savor every moment of this So here I am, alive at last And I'll savor every moment of this β™ͺ β™« β™ͺ


Another good one, but a sad track from Arthur Miguel. The title translates to β€œWrong Season” or β€œWrong Time”.

The chorus roughly translates to:

It is wrong to force myself to love you. It is wrong for us to be together. It's not the right time for us. It's the wrong thing to pray for. You're not the one for me.



Marianas Trench is back with a new song! This one sounds like something that would have come out of their Masterpiece Theater or Ever After album. It's a return to the sound and creativity that got me hooked on their music. Song preview won't do this song justice, you need to listen to the full track.

But what about all those voices in the night? Speaking all the things that keep me from a normal life But everything almost fits together right But in the end I don't belong inside a normal (Don't belong inside a normal) Ordinary life β™ͺ β™« β™ͺ


Fates. An emo sounding track that came out in 2023? Love it.

I'm still avoiding the exit that goes to your old house Listening to Konstantine Like we did at seventeen But I know it's not helping me out

I wish I could let go & blame someone else I wish I could tell you that

I don't really wanna die But I don't wanna be alive Like I did when you were here I think I'm just scared to death That you'll always mess with my head Like you did when you were here β™ͺ β™« β™ͺ


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