Don't Wake Me Up by Shim 🎵

Starting the week with this heartbreaking but beautiful song from Shim. When his voice breaks out at the end of the bridge, it hits you right in the chest. Beautiful, beautiful song.

Can somebody make me a Get Out Of Jail card That'll work on a broke heart 'Cause I left my strength in the gutter

Something's been pulling the trigger in my soul And now there's a big hole And I can't fill it up With liquor

How much have I got to take Before there's a start to change I'm not asking for more than what I deserve

Is this just the price I pay 'Cause I wouldn't go away Leave you alone to carry it on Without me

Don't wake me up 'Til life starts makin' sense 'Cause I've been killing myself again Don't wake me up 'Til there's meaning in the suffering And God stops making enemies out of friends 'Cause if I don't wake up then Maybe I could begin again