Good Enough for God by Citizen Soldier 🎵

This song is deep and very personal. This is why they say everyone has a personal relationship with God. Everyone's relationship will be in a different state. While some will have a great relationship, some like the person in this song, will be at the lowest of lows. And it's up to you to decide if the relationship is worth having.

Father, this is my confession Sending it from bloodied knees Save me from this sick obsession Of wishing you were proud of me Anything for your affection Overdosed on wine and bread The introspection's just a weapon And it'll be the cause of death

I wouldn't blame you for pretending not to hear me pray I bet you're sick of watching me make all the same mistakes Know I've been distant, I'm not trying to take the easy way I just can't imagine any paradise that's worth this pain

I've had my darkest thoughts Trying to get to Heaven Twisted my mind in knots Trying to be forgiven Counting all the reasons I could go to Hell but Can't think of even one why I should love myself 'cause I've never felt more lost Trying to be good enough for God Good enough for God