Last December by Good Charlotte 🎵

I didn't realize that Good Charlotte still made music to this day. This is a really good one. And it sounds like they shed their signature sound from the early 2000s. Not to say that's a bad thing. It just sounds like they grew up since then.

In the end and after it all, there was nothing in general You were my best friend, I was sad 'cause I knew that you didn't know All the words we didn't say, all the time that slipped away I wanna live inside those moments every day

And if we never do it better, than the way we did before I could live with that, it's whatever. I wouldn't trade us for the world

That's just the life I guess, and it's never what you expect Everything's okay and then we die, but it couldn't be better That's just the life you get, and nobody gives a shit Every time it hits me I still cry, but it couldn't be better ♪ ♫ ♪