Living Louder by The Cab 🎵

Nothing like a great song from The Cab to end an exhausting work week.

If today's the day I die Lay me down under the lights Let me fall in love Let me save a life

And let me lose my voice Singing all my favorite songs Let me stare up at the stars 'Cause it's where we all belong

My heart like a firework in my chest My only regret is having regrets Traveled the world I loved every step

And all I know is: No one, no one lives forever We will be remembered For what we do right now

And baby I'm living louder And dreaming longer, tonight (We're living louder, we're living louder) And baby I'm fighting harder And loving stronger tonight (We're loving stronger, we're loving stronger)

'Cause we're all just kids Who grew up way too fast Yeah the good die young But the great will always last We're growing older But we're all soldiers tonight ♪ ♫ ♪