Lost Without Your Love by Bread 🎵

Back to the 70s with this wonderful #ThrowbackThursday song from Bread. Gotta say, those lyrics are pretty good too. Maybe this is what emo was in the 70s haha.

Lost and all alone I always thought that I could make it on my own Since you left, I hardly make it through the day My tears get in the way And I need you back to stay

I wander through the night And search the world to find the words to make it right All I want is just the way it used to be With you here close to me I've got to make you see

That I'm lost without your love Life without you isn't worth the trouble of I'm as helpless as a ship without a wheel A touch without a feel I can't believe it's real

And someday soon, I'll wake And find my heart won't have to break ♪ ♫ ♪