My Dear by Matty Mullins 🎵

When I read the title, heard the intro and heard the singer's voice, I totally was ready for another rock/metalcore track. But man, what a lovely surprise this was.

I created you piece by piece. I made you in my own image perfectly. I see your face & don't regret a thing, so why would you?

There's not a thing about you I don't adore, so I paid the price that you could never afford. All I ask is that you trust me now & watch my plan unfold. There is so much in store!

Hold on to me when you think you're sinking. Run to me when it feels like you can't go on. My dear, cry to me when life is unfair. Your voice is the sweetest sound to my ear. Just look to me when you can't see clearly. Don't be afraid when you feel my spirit near. My dear, be still & know that I am here. I've always loved you & I always will. ... Be still my love. When it's too much to bear, know that I’ll always be there. I hear you when you call my name. I am the answer you've been searching for. I'll be your refuge, your shelter from the storm. I am everything you need & more. I loved you before you were born!


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