Now Listening to... Volume: 10 🎵

Up to Volume 10 now on my playlists. As usual with my playlists, this one spans the spectrum of pop and rock. You'll find pop rock, pop punk, Christian rock, some metal tracks and even some classics in this playlist.

There's so many great songs in this playlist. So, instead of torturing myself by trying to pick my favorite songs — which I always struggle to do anyway — I'm just going to list down the notable songs that you might want to check out.

Top 3 Favorite Songs

Top 3 Favorite New Finds

Honorable Mentions

Lastly, honorable mentions goes to these three classic songs from eras gone by. I grew up listening to these songs. And I love listening to them today, just as much as I did when I was still a kid.

In case you didn't know, you could press the Play button on the embedded player and it will go through each song in the playlist. That will give you a 30-second preview of each track.