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Up to Volume 9 now on my playlists. As usual with my playlists, this one spans the spectrum of the rock genre. There's pop rock, pop punk, emo, slow rock and some heavier tracks. There's also a couple of piano/cello covers in this playlist. One notable thing with this playlist, is the number of really good songs I've discovered. I list some of them further below.

First off, what is my favorite song in this playlist? Picking this one was tough. The really good songs in this playlist were news songs I've discovered. So, I wanted to pick one that isn't something new to me. And with that restriction in place, I pick “In My Blood / Swan Lake” by The Piano Guys. Just like the previous playlist, this one is not even a rock song. This is an awesome piano and cello cover of Shawn Mendes' hit song. Then they went one step further and combined it with a classical piece in Swan Lake. A really good track.

Now, as far as new songs I just discovered, there are many good ones in this playlist. And again, just like the previous playlist, I end up with a tie. It's between “Quiet Now” by Cold and “Shift – Acoustic” by Nova Prospekt. Both are really good rock songs. “Quiet Now” sounds a little more like mainstream rock. While “Shift” sounds different, like it has some tinge of emo and some other rock genre that I can't quite place. Kinda reminds me of A Perfect Circle in some parts. Either way, both are wonderful songs to listen to.

I mentioned that this playlist is filled with great song discoveries. Here are three more that I think are also really good.
Fading Star by Weaving The StateNever Coming Home by Point NorthFool's Gold by Chapel

Who says you can't find great new songs to listen to in Spotify? You just have to know where to look.

Lastly, special mention has to go “Higher” by Creed. This song has aged well. My high school years were defined by a few notable rock bands — Creed was one of them. This song takes me back to the good old days of hanging around with good friends.

In case you didn't know, you could press the Play button on the embedded player and it will go through each song in the playlist. That will give you a 30-second preview of each track.


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