Psycho – Taylor Acorn 🎡

Not sure if this one is a cover. I think it might be an original. Either way, another good one from Taylor Acorn.

Lyrics are hilarious and scary at the same time. Makes perfect sense why the song is titled β€œPsycho”. πŸ˜„

Never been one of the crazy ones Never been the girl to leave you like 30 missed calls I'm not a villain but you made me one So, now I'm throwing knives at pictures of your face on the wall

It seems like boys like you all love to say that chicks like me are just insane But boys like you give men a shitty name So, let's play a game

Where I throw a little brick through your pretty little face You're easy on the eyes but you're easier to hate An angel's gonna fall if you come around If my name's still on your tongue, then I'll rip it out

Since I'm already the bad guy in your head, I'll hit you with my car and I'll leave you for dead And I'll always like the view from the high road but baby for you, I'll be your psycho I'll be your psycho