Wasted Nights by ONE OK ROCK 🎵

An amazing find! I've heard of ONE OK ROCK before, but never paid them any attention. I thought they were just a Japanese rock band and left it at that. Man, I was so wrong. These guys have some awesome songs. This one in particular, came out in 2019 it seems, but it sounds like a power ballad anthem from previous decades.

Must be something in the water Feel like I can take the world Throw the weight up on my shoulders Cause I won't even feel the burn

Don't be afraid to dive Be afraid that you didn't try These moments remind us why We're here, we're so alive

Let's live like we're immortal Live just for tonight We'll think about tomorrow, yeah When the sun comes up Cause by this time tomorrow We'll be talking about tonight Keep doing what we want, we want, we want No more wasted nights ♪ ♫ ♪


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