Welcome Home by blessthefall 🎡

Closing out the day with an epic new find from blessthefall. What a beautiful song. And if you ever make it all the way to the end, you'll be greeted with the heart-melting moment when the vocalist's daughter tries to sing the line, β€œIt's not... living if I'm not living with you.”

I'm out the door, I left a note With all the words that made me choke It says I know you feel alone You're scared to death of letting go Sometimes you have to lose it all To find yourself. I'd cross the world For no one else. Save for you But one more word before I go I'm scared to death You're scared you'll die alone

I'm out the door to chase What I've been searching for, the spaces In between us grow, you'll never know I'm scared to death of letting go So take me out of the dark Are we seconds apart My heart needs a break It's an honest mistake Until I find my way back Help me find my way back

And bring me home I'm not ready to believe That we were made for this collision And it's just not what I need So bring me home, if I make it back Home, if I make it back Maybe you can be the reason And fix this part of me Cause it's just not what I need β™ͺ β™« β™ͺ


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