Who You Are To Me (feat. Lady A) by Chris Tomlin, Lady A 🎵

Wonderful song from Chris Tomlin and Lady A!

Some people think You're distant, just some words on a page That You're nothing more than fables handed down along the way But I've seen You part the waters when no one else could pull me from the deep That's who You are to me

Some people think You just live in cathedrals made of stone But I know You live inside my heart, I know that it's Your home And I've seen You in a sunset and in the eyes of a stranger on the street That's who You are to me

You're amazing, faithful, love's open door When I'm empty You fill me with hunger for more Of Your mercy, Your goodness Lord, You're the air that I breathe That's who You are to me Who You are to me ♪ ♫ ♪

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