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Pretty good find!

Just tell me something Something that's true I've wasted too much time on just passing through No more sad goodbyes No, just for a few I'm waiting for something, something that's true ♪ ♫ ♪

#AllThatRemains #DannyWorsnop

Sometimes, it's one thing And next time, it's nothing It's more than mistrusting It ends up just crushing me

Stop with the fighting I know it's the right thing I won't let you do this We have to get through this

So, say something, I'm not holding back Before the scene we made goes and fades to black ‘Cause I can't wait while you think this through We don't have endless time, remember who left who ‘Cause I won't wait, won't wait for you


Beautiful intro... the rest of the song ain't bad either.

And now everything's wrong It's been so long Am I the man that I promised to be Did I let you down, tarnish your crown Cause everything is wrong (wrong) Everything is wrong ♪ ♫ ♪