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Another great song from The Funeral Portrait. The transition from the verses to the chorus, oh my, this songs sounds so good! I do hope that whoever wrote this song, or who has to deal with the same issue, that they do not let their dark thoughts get to them.

Can't drink, can't drug, can't drown 'em away Can't sleep, can't think, can't find an escape From these dark, dark thoughts in my mind, oh

Oh my head, my head, my head is a prison No one ever visits It's just you and me 'til the end, the end Waiting out my sentence If I find an exit, will you still follow me?


Amazing new find from a band I've never heard of before! Only ran into this song because I was listening to The Used Radio playlist.

How can I change my life When I only wanna die You couldn't love me if you tried You're so ugly when you cry So bury Me deep Cause all the world around me is so ugly

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