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What a great find... another really good song from Citizen Soldier. To anyone who's going through a rough patch in life, don't give up, this song is for you!

You see that glass half empty Each time you look in the mirror It's like the more you're trying Your flaws start showing up clearer

You bleed emotion so devoted to what people say So sick of hoping so you focus on all your mistakes Stop changing, there's nothing to fix when life's a war for you That's when your pulse becomes the proof

When you're a little messed up When you're a little unwell And nobody understands That you are going through hell Right here like this right now You are enough When you've been broken and bruised Because the past has been tough Being human is What makes you something worthy of love Right here this sick right now You are enough So don't give up ♪ ♫ ♪


This song is deep and very personal. This is why they say everyone has a personal relationship with God. Everyone's relationship will be in a different state. While some will have a great relationship, some like the person in this song, will be at the lowest of lows. And it's up to you to decide if the relationship is worth having.

Father, this is my confession Sending it from bloodied knees Save me from this sick obsession Of wishing you were proud of me Anything for your affection Overdosed on wine and bread The introspection's just a weapon And it'll be the cause of death

I wouldn't blame you for pretending not to hear me pray I bet you're sick of watching me make all the same mistakes Know I've been distant, I'm not trying to take the easy way I just can't imagine any paradise that's worth this pain

I've had my darkest thoughts Trying to get to Heaven Twisted my mind in knots Trying to be forgiven Counting all the reasons I could go to Hell but Can't think of even one why I should love myself 'cause I've never felt more lost Trying to be good enough for God Good enough for God


Another great song from Citizen Soldier. If you've been following this blog, you probably know I'm a fan of “bitter” songs. We need more songs of this type haha.

So you better believe I'm still bitter Oh how dare you just leave me this way No I cannot erase what you left here No I, cannot run, will not hide, one more day You better believe I'm still jaded So to hell with you and your stupid games I'm so sick and tired of taking the high road, Oh my, what a shame, guess I'll be, bitter right to the grave ♪ ♫ ♪


A great find! A beautiful, albeit sad song from Citizen Soldier...

No one sees But it's always December in me No matter where I go it's pouring rain In my head seasons never change And it's killing me No one sees But it's always December in me Tried so hard to be brave But the reasons this lifе is worth living Get hard to remembеr When it's always December