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This song came out more than 20 years ago now, so I consider it a #ThrowbackThursday track. It still sounds great today!

I am a little bit of loneliness, a little bit of disregard Handful of complaints, but I can't help the fact that everyone can see these scars I am what I want you to want, what I want you to feel But it's like no matter what I do, I can't convince you, to just believe this is real

So I let go watching you, turn your back like you always do Face away and pretend that I'm not But I'll be here 'cause you're all that I got

I can't feel the way I did before Don't turn your back on me I won't be ignored Time won't heal this damage anymore Don't turn your back on me I won't be ignored ♪ ♫ ♪


Beautiful sentimental music from I Belong to the Zoo. This song starts slow and builds up to a wonderful finish. It's one of those songs you want to listen from start to finish.

The word “Sana” roughly translates to “Should have”. The gist of the chorus/song is something like:

You should have told me (you had someone else), so I wouldn't have expected us to end up together in the end. You should have told me (you had someone else), I would have let you go anyway, so you could be happy.


Beautiful cover by Boyce Avenue. Love the numerous chord changes in this song. The inflection in those subtle chord changes brings about different emotions. At one point the song sounds happy, then sad, then in awe, etc... They don't make songs like this anymore.

The lady in red is dancing with me cheek to cheek There's nobody here, it's just you and me It's where I want to be But I hardly know this beauty by my side I'll never forget the way you look tonight ♪ ♫ ♪


Another one to add to the list of Papa Roach hits on this blog. Lyrics in the chorus are so simple, but it's the way the song is sung that makes it so good.

One last kiss Before I go Dry your tears It is time to let you go

Because days come and go But my feelings for you are forever Because days come and go But my feelings for you are forever ♪ ♫ ♪


Oh no I've caught the TWICE bug! I can't help it, this song is super catchy and fun to listen to.


Great song from Skillet with a good reminder that “tomorrow might be one day too late”. So, live life as if today is your last.

Today, I'm gonna try a little harder Gonna make every minute last longer Gonna learn to forgive and forget 'Cause we don't have long, gonna make the most of it

(Today!) Today, I'm gonna love my enemies (Today!) Reach out to somebody who needs me Make a change, make the world a better place 'Cause tomorrow could be one day too late One day too late ♪ ♫ ♪


Another really good song from Papa Roach to add to their list of hits.

All that I see, is the wickedness around me I refuse to believe, the apocalypse inside of me I can't even trust myself I'm burning in my skin Standing at the gates of hell, but nobody will let me in

I'll follow You out of the dark I tried it my way, but I keep falling apart I'll follow You, with all of my heart I'm tired of my ways 'cause I keep falling, I'm falling apart ♪ ♫ ♪


Needed something that hits hard today. This is one is perfect. And since this cover came out in 1997, it even qualifies as a #ThrowbackThursday track.


Not sharing a song on this post, but a whole playlist. I've been curating a growing collection of Lofi tracks. These are great to listen to when I want to listen to music, without getting distracted by the vocals of a song. Great to listen to on days when you just need to focus and get things done with minimal distraction. Anyway, here it is. Enjoy!


Starting off 2024 with this really cool punk goes pop cover of “Every Breath You Take”.


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