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I'm so much like you Restless and reckless I need a clue So show me a sign I feel like making a move Real geographic, a change in mood We'll let go of everything we know

You and I will ride tonight 'Till the past is out of sight We don't have to look back now From the dark into the light We can leave it all behind We can stand together, we don't have to look back now β™ͺ β™« β™ͺ


Let's take a trip back to 2002 and rediscover this pretty good track from Saliva.

Look at me, my depth perception must be off again Cause this hurts deeper than I thought it did It has not healed with time It just shot down my spine You look so beautiful tonight Reminds me how you laid us down And gently smiled before you destroyed my life

Would you find it in your heart To make this go away And let me rest in pieces β™ͺ β™« β™ͺ


I see the light get darker now Don't breathe it in I'll push it out I see the light get darker now Don't breathe it in I'll push it out

Sing to me, won't you Emily Cause I know that time is on your mind But time is just a construct I can't wait to see all that's meant to be And I know the doubt is close behind But honestly, you're right where I want to be β™ͺ β™« β™ͺ


Yesterday was another life Turning left didn't turn out right Stuck in hell when I was twenty-five You can't regret what you don't decide

I should have stayed, should have let go Should've, could've means you'll never know

There's no going back When life's a loaded gun, you pull the trigger, trigger There's no going back The past is in the past Thank God it doesn't last forever β™ͺ β™« β™ͺ


And I'll never make it without you I need a second chance Cause I want to make it about you I'm making my last stand It took a moment to say It wasn't you it was me I couldn't let you in Now I'm ashamed I pushed you away from me Now I'm afraid it's too late to save again β™ͺ β™« β™ͺ


Last song for today is this wonderful track from Throw The Fight.

We packed up our bags and we headed out west Chasing our dreams with each mile The feel of the sun on our face as we drive, with no regrets The wind in our hair and the smile on your face Tells us that we are alive With nothing to lose but this pocket of change, I drive with you

Come run away, come run away with me With stars in our eyes and a hand full of dreams Run away β™ͺ β™« β™ͺ


One of the older All Time Low tracks, but still a good one!

If you ever wanted to find a pop punk fan in the midst of a crowd, just recite this line: β€œI got your picture, I'm coming with you...” Then wait for someone to respond with β€œDear Maria, count me in...”

'Cause I got your picture I'm coming with you Dear Maria, count me in There's a story at the bottom of this bottle And I'm the pen

Make it count when I'm the one Who's selling you out 'Cause it feels like stealing hearts Calling your name from the crowd β™ͺ β™« β™ͺ


A great song in its own right. But even more so for those going through long distance relationships.

I pack my bags and say goodbye to my wife For what seems like the millionth time. They said it gets easier, but they lied.

She looks at me and says, β€œReally, baby, I will be just fine,” But then she looks away so I don't have to see her cry. And that is when I ask myself,

β€œHow am I supposed to be Everything they expect me to be When I feel so alone, 'Cause I left my heart at home?

She needs me, but I know they need me too. So, God, give me the strength to do What you created me to do.” β™ͺ β™« β™ͺ

#MemphisMayFire #KellinQuinn

The great new discoveries to start off 2021 keep on coming! Here's another really good find from a band I've never even heard of.

While the song talks about β€œPunk Rock Songs”, I actually think this track is more pop rock than punk rock. But you know what, who cares? It is still a really good song.

So here we go! Back down this lonely road Leave a little piece of my soul Right there in that microphone Well they ain't never made me a dime But they helped me find where I belong! I swear the greatest nights of my life Were spent singing these punk rock songs β™ͺ β™« β™ͺ


Great new find for today is this track from Shinedown. Love the chorus!

Keep moving forward now Keep your head above the clouds I'm right with you, I will lift you Just hold on

Don't give up now, there's already so much at stake If Atlas falls, I'll rise up and carry us all the way It won't pull me down The weight of impossible days I'll stand tall I'll rise up and carry us all the way β™ͺ β™« β™ͺ


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